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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  October 27, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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wow. the bay area explodes with excitement over the world series. all the preparations under way this morning. the san francisco gets ready for tonight's big game. and traffic around the ballpark is expected to be heavy tonight. we'll tell you how to avoid any jams coming up. we'll have the forecast for game one. also rain or not to rain. that is the very capital edging forecast for me. i'm paul chambers live in san jose. police need your help finding two armed robbers. i will tell you what they held up and what they did to the victim straight ahead. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday october 27th i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. we have clear skies. it's a cold one out there.
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a lot of 30s popping up. walnut creek. bundle up there before you head on out. it will be sunny to mostly sunny today. mainly in the north bay. overall highs 60s to near 70s degrees. here is tara. this is a look at 101 through san francisco. more folks on the roadways. no delays to speak off. at the toll plaza it's getting a little bit more crowded there. the metering lights are not on yet. 6:00 pam and dave. 6:01 the big day is finally here for the giants. san francisco will face the texas rangers of at & t park. game time 4:30 this afternoon. an old fan favorite wears that. a texas uniform. that's catcher bengie moe lee that spent 3.5 years playing for the giants. they traded him to the rangers
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that means bengie will take home a world series ring no matter which team wins. >> i took it very, very gentlemen wise. i say bye to everybody. i told them i wish them good luck and hopefully they make it to the playoffs. >> and they did and more. the giants have never won a world series since moving to san francisco in 1958. they are hoping to change all that this time around. the super star tim lincecum will be on the mound for the giants this evening. thousands of people gathered in golden gate park last night for a big world series celebration. the party ended with a bang. a spectacular fire works show. 3,000 people attended the party at the california academy of sciences. crowds with mostly giants fans. now we do have a new giant fan photo to share with you this morning.
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fear the beard is a popular look these days even for babies. we want to see your fan photos on the orange september section. send them to photos at you can watch the entire world series right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage of game one today begins at 4:30 after a 4:00 edition of the ktvu channel 2 news. we're going to be hering from kraig debro. he has been scoping the scene outside the park. he's been at odool is. they have been dealing with prank calls. we just got in some new home video of an early morning fire in san jose. it damaged a party supply store. a witness saw smoke coming out of the store on east santa clara street. this was just after 3:00 a.m. and called for help. take a look.
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this is the video. it was shot by a san jose firefighter. there is a fire station just four blocks away from this and firefighters tell us the crews got there within a couple of minutes. no injuries have been reported. ktvu jade hernandez has been out there all morning. fairfield place right now are searching for four suspects that burst into the house anded gunned down one person. they found a man that wasshot four times. he later died at the hospital. witnesses tell police four men wearing ski masks burst into the house. one of the suspects shot the victim. we don't know the victims name and that investigation continues. 6:04. san jose police are busy today searching for two men that are wanted for armed robbery at two pot clubs. they hope the surveillance
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video will lead to the arrest. paul chambers is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. police consider these men to bathroomed and -- armed and dangerous. they did an armed robbery in the middle of the day. they believe they were involved in one if not two pot clubs. now i want you to take a look at this video. police just recently released this video. although it happened last month on the 29th. it shows the two men going inside the monterey road dispensary. the men have their guns drawn. they force two employees on the ground. police say they tied the victims hands and take their employees personal belongings. the men then made off with gas and pot from the business. the victims were not harmed during the incident. i want you to take a closer look at two suspects in the case. police need your help finding them. they are considered to be armed
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and dangerous. suspect one son the left. he's an san francisco male believed to be in his late 20s to early 30s. he was last scene wearing a purple tee shirt and baseball cap and jeans. suspect two on the right his race is unknown. he's also 5'7", 150 pounds with a thin build. he was last seen wearing a camouflage hooded sweatshirt, jeans. investigator also believe the same two men may have committed another robbery at another marijuana dispensary on september 18th. we will try to talk to police to get more information about this as soon as we have that we will definitely bring it to you. we're live in san jose. this afternoon tesla will kick off the opening day
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celebration of its new factory in fremont. it has moved into the new numi plant. the company bought the facility for $42 million last may. the factory will be the only auto assembly plant in all of california. i want to check back in with tara that is in for sal. there is an accident in the southbound. yeah. let's take a lock at the maps and show you exactly where. as we zoom in on the area this isn't the pedestrian lieu ma area. northbound 101. it says north of pedlooma northbound. so an ambulance is in route. at the bay bridge toll plaza things getting heavy where are as well. so far so good the metering lights are off. it's a pretty good commute.
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880 near the oakland coliseum. same story. traffic flowing nicely. those are highlights as you make your way southbound toward hayward. here is steve. thank you very much. a good morning to you all. it is cold out there. first thing first. yes cold. 30s and 40s. we have sunshine today. as the system comes down and gives me fits. you see this gray hair it's from this system. i'm not lying. there is no consensus of what will happen here. we're taking this a day at a time. we start off clear and cold. the system inching closer. higher clouds. school forecast if your children say mom what is the forecast today? what does steve say? it's cold out there. clear and cold. 30s and 40s on the lows. 3:00 higher clouds. but 60s to near 70 degrees. today is our high it's cold in the morning. cold morning and mostly sunny.
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upper 60s to 70 degrees. a little south breeze will kick in. i noticed an easterly buff of breeze. 36. the city is down to 50. oakland-berkly 46. palo alto 39. so it's cool to cold out there. 22 in tahoe. ukiah 36. redding 41. sacramento is down to 43. santa maria saying we're part of the party too here 49 degrees. system is dropping down. the questions will it rain? it will move in. i think there will be late tonight and tomorrow. it will sit here and back off as the way i see it. eventually it will have to come through. i'm going with it a day at the
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time. we'll have morning sun today and higher clouds. it will be cloudy to north. fair to the south for tomorrow. cold morning. mostly sunny today. high clouds later on. 60s to upper 60s and low 70s. everything is all right. world series game one. mostly sunny and fair. higher clouds beginning to move in. mostly sunny clouds will roll in here. there could be rain north thursday into friday and i will bring rain in on the weekend. republican senate candidate carly fiorina is still in the hospital. what her staff says about her illness and impact on the campaign. i will show you what the air force says about losing communication with 50 nuclear missiles. that is coming up.
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good morning to you. welcome back. the air force is down playing the possible dangers of losing communication with 50 nuclear missiles. it happened over the weekend. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with all the details about this. good morning allyson. >> reporter: good morning to you. i talked to a homeland security analyst that says this incident is another wakeup call that the u.s. is becoming lazy about the upkeep of its nuclear weapons. the incident happened a the the
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launch control center. a large part of the nuclear missiles are stalked piled there. the air force is reporting that an equipment failure on saturday disrupted communication between the control center and 50 missiles. officials insist they were still able to monitor and potentially launch them. the air force insists the public was not in any danger. a whistle blower says there has been communications problems at the facilities in the past. according to the washington post the u.s. military campaign against the taliban in afghanistan has failed to disrupt the insurgency. the newspaper quotes u.s. military intelligence officials. they say escalated air strikes and operations have temporarily disrupted taliban movement. they also say the taliban seems able to easily regroup.
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replacing commanders that are captured or killed in a matter of theys. the campaign for republican candidate fiorina is being streeted in a southern california inspection that is related to reconstructive surgery after her recovery from breast cancer. he maintains to keep a full schedule of events. her opponent in the race barbara boxer issued this statement wishing fiorina a full recovery. one of the richest people in the world is giving $1 million to pass prop 19 the measure to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in california. billionaire george soros believes california laws are
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doing more harm than good. some bay area store owners say they look forward to the day they can sell marijuana. leslie says he will offer marijuana at his wine and specialty food store in san francisco. and san franciscans will welcome the idea. the metropolitan transportation commission is expected to announce it's giving millions of dollars in grant for electric cars and their support equipment. $7million will pay for installing four switching stations for use by taxis in san francisco and san jose. that gives used cars to swap a depleted battery and get a treasury charged one. it will also give local cab companies 61 electricked vehicles. officials are hoping the electric power will expose more people just to the idea of
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electric cars. 6:16 is the time right now. thicks pretty smooth on the roadways. tonight san francisco different story. right? >> definitely. the stadium is filled out. you can bet everyone with a ticket will be the the world series game at 4:30. and the high parking prices. we will be seeing traffic jams also when the game ends. there is a mass exit. no telling exactly when the game will ebb. let's head to the east bay right now. the headlights are westbound traffic as you make your way toward concord and interstate 680. the backup is start to happen. the metering lights should be going on momentarily. 680 at the city until grade no accidents. clear and cold out there. a lot of 30s showing up. low to mid 30s for a few.
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so not a problem to start off with unless cold weather doesn't suit you well. it will be sunny for awhile and higher clouds. temperatures 60s mid 60s upper 60s to a few upper 60s and low 70s. san mateo forecast and sun clouds. 62. high of 68. clouds will be increase examining there is your 33. american canyon and hidden brook at 36. walnut creek menlo park all checking in at 39. that system will continue to play into our weather. today we will go with increasing clouds. mainly higher clouds to the north. possible clouds for mend see know county. today a cold morning and mostly sunny. 60s to upper 60s and near 70 degrows. near 60 first pitch and mostly fair partly cloudy skies for
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game one. clouds roll into the south. confidence level very low on this. there is no consistency on our forecast projections. eventually we will get rain in here. thank you. the mortgage bankers association predicts the record low interest rates will be gone by this time next year. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage will go from 4.4% to about 5% by the end of this year and climb to more than 5% by the end of next year. a new report shows bank of america pays more than any other bank to recruit students to sign up for credit cards. they paid a total of $62 million and got a better deal than some of its competitor. chase paid notre dame $1.8 million bank of america paid usc $300,000 less and got eight times as many.
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southwest airlines jet trying to land in california loses its navigation system. also indonesia was rocked by two natural disasters within a 24 hour period. what rescuers are discovering as they respond to a tsunami and volcanic eruption. 101 looking prty good. we'll take a look at your bay area bridges.
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here's a look at your bay area bridges at this hour. bay bridge toll plaza you can see backup there extended to the mccarthur maze. westbound 80 just before you get to the toll plaza there we have a vehicle spinout and that is causing a pileup of cars. everything at the golden gate looking good. let's head back to the desk. . >> the faa is investigating an incident involving a southwest airlines jet that lost its navigation system. the pilots navigation
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instruments failed and he couldn't see because of bad weather. southwest says the plane landed safely and almost on time. two english tourists were swept out to sea in caramel only one secure vised. 63-year-old andrea joule is in fair condition. she was visiting caramel river state beach on monday with her friend ann and her husbands while standing on the sand a large wave rolled in and swept the woman out. she was take ton the hospital but -- she was taken to a hospital but did not survive. several -- construction workers using a backhoe accidentally punctured a two inch gas line at fairy street and marina vista avenue. pg&e crews spent five hours capping that leak. a similar incident lead to the evacuation of several
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homes. construction crews at 140th and bancroft avenue hit a gas line. students at nearby jefferson school were sent home early. it took a couple of hours for crews to cap that leak. rescue workers are responding to two separate natural disasters in indonesia. the eruption of volcano and 7.7 magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami. the death toll from that quake and tsunami that hit on monday has jumped to 272 just overnight. 400 more people are missing. after rough sees hampered the relief operations, planes and helicopters are now bringing in rescuers, medicine, and other supplies for the first time today and the eruption of indonesia's most volatile value
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coy know left many others seriously burned. indonesia sits along the pacific ring of fire. today the dream comes true for giants fans in just hours. san francisco faces the texas rangers in game one of the world series. ktvu kraig debro is in san francisco this morning. craig, i heard you found a very interesting angle to this world series hoopla. >> reporter: i did. speaking of dreaming the texas rangers are staying at a hotel at union field. as a way to disrupt their sleep patterns a restaurant across the street was supposed to hire a trumpet player to play out here all night long. but the rangers are staying here at the st. francis hotel. earlier this week the owners of
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lefty odool said they would hire a trumpet player to play outside the field. the texas rangers fans are not sitting still. we went to lefty odoul is to confirm if they had a trumpet player out we heard the phone was ringing over and over again. we picked up the phone and it appears now the rangers fans are returning fire. >> hello. >> go rangers. [ laughter ] >> is there some kind of campaign going on there call the bar because of the trumpet playing thing? >> yeah, there is. >> who is spreading the word down there? >> radiation near dallas. >> that is neat. what radio station is it? >> bo and jim. >> okay. >> reporter: that was bo and jim kzbs it sounded very familiar to our own kcbs.
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meanwhile the giants and rangers worked out at at & t park. giants first world series in eight years. never won here in san francisco. last time they won 56eers ago in 1954 the rangers have never been in the world series. we have a big winner either way. we hope thing the giants of course. reporting live. >> thank you. our world series coverage in san francisco continues. we'll tell you why one player wins no matter which team takes the series. . >> and a fire inside of a party supply shop. destroys the building inside but threatens other next door neighbor businesses. find out how firefighters overcame the obstacles.
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welcome back to the morning news. world wrestling entertainment celebrating ten years. they are waiting for us. their san jose neighbors ultra tech ringing the bell there. they are visiting the ceo there visiting the nasdaq exchange this morning. ultra tech out of san jose. markets already heading lower. that is following news overnight overseas. dow down 48 points. >> use your power. >> i will try. [ laughter ] good morning to you. thank you for joining us here. it's the middle of the week now. wednesday october 27th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. the news right now san jose firefighters are busy right now. they are wiping up hot spots at a party supply store. that happened shortly after 3:00 this morning. jade hernandez is joining us. she has the details.
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>> reporter: good morning. firefighters just left. before they could leave they had to pull all of the contents of this business out on to the sidewalk. you can see it here. police have actually blocked off this area of the sidewalk because all of this stuff is still out here this morning. the amazing part of this fire that broke outside of wendy's party supplies here in san jose even though is extensive damage inside the building. there is no damage to the printing business vietnam printing right next door. what i want you to take a look at right here is what the person saw that called 911. smoke billowing from this business. the contents of a party shop burned fast. we learn a fire investigator has been out here and says the fire is not suspicious and most likely started in the front of the store. wendy's is located at the corner of 26th and santa clara. someone walking by noticed
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flames at 3:15 and called 911. firefighters arrived in four minutes. firefighters called for a second alarm only because they were worried flames would spread. >> one of the big concerns we have fires spread. it travels from occupancy to occupancy. going in early, calling extra resource we were able to go in and make a stand on that fire. it did not go into the second unit. very fortunate this morning. no one was hurt in this fire. we have been told firefighters have been unable to get ahold of the owners. there is no firefighters inside. they also blocked off this sidewalk. we will bring you back out live here. this is the contents of the party supply shop. a lot of the items were burning. firefighters had to pull these items out. no more hot spots this morning. they will still try to contact
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the owners this morning. time now 6:33. no more waiting. the big day is finally here for giants fans. game one of the worlds series now just a couple of hours away. san francisco facing the texas rangers at at & t park. game time 4:30 this afternoon. an old fan favorite wears a texas uniform. that is catcher bengie molina. giants traded him to the rangers on june 30th. that means with all probability molina will likely take home a world series ring no matter which team wins. >> i took a very, very gentlemen like. i took the trade. i said bye to everybody. i told them i wish them good luck and hopefully they make it to the playoffs. >> they heard you. the giants have never won a world series since winning in 1958. they hope to change all of that
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this time. tim lincecum will be on the mound for the giants this evening. cliff lee will be pitching for the rangers. thousands have gathered at the park for a celebration. big party ended with that. a speck tar already fire work show. some 3,000 people attended the party. it was at the california academy of sciences. we have a new giants fan photo also. first that's not it. that's a little map of a store fire we've been talking about. take a look at that. fear the beard. are you afraid of that beard? that is adorable. we've been getting quite a few fan photos. we stilsee your photos. send them to our website photos a the and the because area make a wish foundation is getting in on the world series action. here's a first look at the limited edition world series
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baseball being produced and sold by the local make a wish foundation to raise money for kids with life threatening conditions. only 5,000 of the baseballs are being made. they will be sold for $40. for more information you can go to time now 6:35. an investigation continues in berkeley after the son of a well known antidrug counselor was shot to death. gary was shot and killed just before 9:00 between sacramento and russell streets. an unidentified man was injured. ferguson's father was head of sobriety through education and peer support. police are not saying what lead up to the shooting but they do say this was not a random attack. prosecutors are seeking prison time for former bart police
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officer johannes mehserle. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and using the gun on oscar grant. he faces up to 14 years in prison. in court documents prosecutors argue that mehserle deserves a prison sentence but they did not specify for how long. his lawyer wants the gun conviction sent out and a new trial. rita williams set down with johannes mainerrer -- mehserle this week. you will hear from him and what he thinks should happen. our exclusive report airs tomorrow night on the 10:00 news right here. it has been one year since the horrible gang rape of a 16- year-old girl outside of a home
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coming dance. tonight the school district will discuss what lessons have been learned since that attack. police say the victim was robbed, beaten and raped on a poorly it will campus. lights were installed shortly after that attack. one school board member tells us the campus looks very different. 6:37. already a busy morning in traffic. tara is here. something just happened near the richmond bridge toll plaza. >> this is as you drive near the toll plaza there san accident involving three cars. a car spun out and caused a fender bender. we just received word cars have moved that vehicle that was blocking the fast lane there. on highway 24 hey traffic. maybe a good day to take mass tran sit, bart, caltran and
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muni are all running on time. at the toll plaza the metering lights just went on. give yourself an extra 20 minutes if you are driving the east bay. here is steve. thank you very much. a very chilly cold morning. a very warm morning to you all. confidence level today is okay. it's eight plus today. on the five day it's about as low as i've had in a long time. there is so many forecast models and not one of them are in sync. today we start off clear. 30s and 40s. if you are up near fort brag you will get clouds out of this. the system just is all over the place. it's going to dig down. we'll send it in clouds and then i think it will just do this and kind of tease us for a couple of days. we're all right today for those of you getting children ready for school.
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they are saying what is the forecast? it's cold out there. 30s and 40s on the low. higher clouds start to creep in here later on. highs today a couple degrees cooler for some. napa. more clouds going in there. a couple degrees warmer for others. very close to yesterday's readings. 68 walnut creek didn't change a thing. they are down to 39 speaking of them. kenwood 43. american canyon 36. you can always if you have a backyard you can e-mail or tweet me sp weather. give me weather information. there is a lot of 30s today. 22 in tahoe. 29 reno. eureka is 38. look at sacramento and fresno. all of the 40s low to mid upper. system will continue to spin in clouds. yes to the north there will be rain for us.
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i think it will hold off. fine for game one. partly cloudy skies. cloudily to the north. fairs to south. this is a day-to-day forecast. higher clouds beginning to move in later. more toward the north bay. 60s upper 60s to low 70s. partly cloudy mostly fair. first pitch near 60 degrees. everything is all right. tomorrow is one we will tackle. clouds to the north. we will get rain in here. forward the north there will be some. tightening the security at napa state hospital. the three changes that have been made since the weekend murder of a hospital employee. i'm paul chambers live in san jose. police are looking for two men that are armed and dangerous and may be targeting a certain type of accomplishment. 880 near the oakland coliseum.
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slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you. it's world series time. giants facing the rangers game one of at & t park this afternoon. you don't have to budge. you can watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2
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beginning at 4:30. ktvu kraig debro will bring you a live update. he's outside the ballpark right now. fairfield police say one person was shot and killed overnight after four masked men burst into a house. it happened on hamilton drive. so far no arrests have been made. this afternoon tesla will celebrate its new manufacturing facility in fremont. tesla will start building its all electric model s-sedan at the new numi plant. police are looking for two men wanted for arm robbery at pot plants. they are providing critical clues. paul chambers joins us. good morning. >> reporter: the surveillance video is very clear and interesting you can see what happens at the incident. the incident happened last month but the police just released the video. the police are believed to held
6:46 am
up not one but two marijuana plants. they go inside the monterey road dispensary. the men have their guns drawn. they force the two employees on the ground. holding the guns one of the employees had. they tie the victims hands and take the employees personal belongings. they also stole cash and marijuana from the business. the victims were not harmed during this incident. i want you to take a closer look at the two suspects in this case. the suspect one is on the left. described as an african american man believed to be in the late 20s to 30s. approximately 6'2", 225-250 pounds. black short hair, goatee and tattoos on both forearms. suspect two on the right his race is unknown. he's approximately 5'7", 150 pounds with a thin build. he was last seen wearing a
6:47 am
camouflage hooded sweatshirt. jeans and a white shirt. the two men were last seen in the four-door green honda. the two men robbed a san jose dispensary on september 18th. if you have any information about this call san jose police. we will talk to san jose police ourselves and also go over to the dispensary. hopefully someone is there that can give us more information. we'll have that coming up on mornings at 2:00. 6:47. there was an emotional vigil for a napa state hospital worker that police say were killed by a patient. hundreds of people gathered last night. they were remembering 54-year- old donna gross. on saturday she was found dead in a small courtyard add the hospital. the coroner says she was strangled. investigators say jess massey one of the patients there robbed miss gross and killed her. friends of gross say this is
6:48 am
not the first time there has been a problem with patient there is at napa state hospital. >> we have had violence from individual to individual on a regular basis. and it's frankly in places in the hospital out of control. >> now a spokeswoman from the state mental health department tells us here they have increased the police presence at the hospital. also patients access to hospital grounds are being restricted and a shuttle service has begun to transport the staff to the parking lots. an update to the story we told you about yesterday morning. martinez jail nurse attacked. the inmate aaron nygaard faked a seizure on monday and hit the nurse with lamp. he was also hospitalized after being teased by deputies. the nurses injuries are not live threatening. the jail is reviewing safety
6:49 am
procedures. a jail has convicted three men in a 2008 shooting. paul garcia, miguel, were found guilty of first degree murder. prosecutors argue the men were part of a hire to plot. he paid $9500 to have him killed. his family reacted to the verdict outside. >> i would never forgive those men. i will never forgive them for taking him away. sentencing is scheduled for december. garcia and astrad faces life in prison without possibility of patrol. we are wide awake and tara says our commute is pretty
6:50 am
awake now too; right? >> that is right. so is our wind. it has picked up over the past few minutes here. if you take a looks at the north bay, our camera is bobbing around in the wind. this is 101 southbound traffic on the bottom portion of your screen sluggish. along the east shore freeway traffic on 80 east and westbound a little slow going there. more wind down in mil pee da. 6:50 here is steve. tara. >> there you go. a little windy. >> yeah. good morning everybody partly sunny cold out there. this is a day-to-day forecast just so you know. confidence level is very low in the five day. chilly morning. high clouds start to roll in later on. school forecast cold. 30s and 40s to start off with. mostly sunny and higher clouds. 60 to near 70 degrees for some.
6:51 am
get a little bit of south wind later on. increase in higher clouds. 60s to 70s. san mateo 44 to start. 68 for a high today with higher clouds coming in. napa santa rosa 36. palo alto 39. there is cooler readings than that. 20s up in the mountains and in reno. 36 ukiah. sunshine to start off and the higher clouds come in if you are up toward shelter cove. you will have clouds and possibility of rain from that system for the bay area i think it holds off for at least another day. cold morning. mostly sunny. higher clouds coming in later on. 60s for most. upper 60s to low 70s. first pitch 60 degrees. tomorrow we have clouds rolling into the north. rain toward mendocino county.
6:52 am
clouds possibility rain friday into saturday. proctor and gamble first quarter is down. the company that makes tide detergent reports earnings of $3 billion but they are down 7% from last year. executives say sale run but -- sales are up but so is the cost of material and marketing. a live look at the big boards. dow jones down almost 60 points right now. hovered about that level since the opening to 11,110. durable goods orders are up but business spending is down. there are reports that businesses are hanging on to collectively about a trillion dollars in cash. they are not willing to spend it right now. investments hiring possiblely merges and accusations. guess what prostitutes in spain are being told to do and
6:53 am
if they don't do it, they will get a ticket. a plan to inspect gas lines after last months san brew know explosion hit a new snag.
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6:55. let's go to tori to see what is coming up. coming up in minutes we are live at at & t park where
6:56 am
already things are buzzing ahead of the world series game this evening. we'll take a look at security. efforts to stop counterfeit sales and creative offers on craigs list. firefighters battle a two alarm fire overnight. madonna is launching a new business with the help of a bay area company. it's connected to something the singer knows very well. an interesting donation for the yes on prop 19 campaign. find out who gave a million dollars to help legalize the recreational use of marijuana in california. those stories and more coming up on mornings at 2. thank you. police in one spanish telling prostitutes they have to wear anyon green vest or they will get a ticket. anyone standing or walking along a highway is required to
6:57 am
wear a vest like that one. so the police will now ticket prostitutes that don't wear one. prostitution is legal in spain. some cities there restrict or ban it in public areas. spanish language broadcaster uni vision experiencing an audio boom. contracted to do better than a major english language. expected to show a big rise in the l.a. tee -- latino population. state and pg&e officials are look for a way to inspect and test gas pipelines. safety officials want to check for corrosion and other problems in the pipeline after that deadly explosion in san brew know. the tool they plan to use cannot do a thorough job. they are torpedo shaped pipes the device can't get through
6:58 am
many sections of the pipeline. a say know ma county man will spend the life in prison for the murder of a well known guitar maker. was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without patrol. the victim 43-year-old taku who was robbed and stabbed 11 times in his shop on february 11th. investigators found evidence that linked bagley. the big day finally here. live pictures. giants fans already at the park. game one of the world series at at & t park is a couple of hours away. you'll see more of who is already lined up. this is a big day for one bay area car company is going electric right here in the bay area. stay with us.
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woman: did you bring the camera phone? man: i did. do you wanna go first? i've been waiting for this all day. ok, this is from... aunt stacey. introducing chase quickdeposit. just photograph the front and back of your check using the chase mobile app on your iphone, and hit send. it went through. this is so cool. this is so cool. you wanna try it? yea. ok.


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